M55 Cast Iron

  • Cast iron construction.
  • Tri-mode thermostat.
  • Large hopper capacity (60 lbs)
  • Operates with cast doors open or closed.
  • Available in multiple finishes.
  • Ceramic Refractory Brick Liner Kit.
  • Cast Iron Side Shelves in Painted Black, Chestnut or Diamond Black Finish.
  • Log Set.
  • Exhaust Starter Tube.


specifications: true
heating area: 2500 ft²
btu: 55000
energy efficiency: 76.6%
glass size: 231 in²
convection fan: 300 CFM
epa emissions: 1 gms
hopper capacity: 60 lbs
weight: 480 lbs
dimensions: 30” x 30” x 32”
details: Consult manual for exact dimensions. Specifications may vary based on selected options.

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