Shopping for a Hot Tub at the Home Show?

There’s a Spa, Pool and BBQ show at the Monterey Fairgrounds this weekend! But you won’t find us there.

Why? Because we carry only top-of-the-line brands: Hot Spring Spas and Endless Pools. And we’re not into playing games (unless, of course, it’s a fun game of baseball or a round of scrabble!)

What you will find at the home show, in addition to cheaper brands, are a lot of pushy fast-talking salespeople who will soon be long gone from our area. There is no local service for the product they’re peddling—which, unfortunately, is likely to need service much sooner than you imagined.

Before of predators.

You’ve heard it before: you get what you pay for.

It’s your choice. You can get a spa with an ultra-low price tag now… but pay for it later. Or you can get a quality Hot Spring spa that may cost a little more upfront, but it will serve you for many years to come.

BONUS! This weekend, if you decide to go for quality and get that amazing Hot Spring hot tub of your dreams, you’ll be richly rewarded. We’re paying the sales tax for you! Until Sunday April 28th.

Hot Spring is known for its longevity and superior quality. Our manufacturer provides a 20-year parts commitment and very generous warranty periods, and we stand behind everything we sell.

Best of all, WE ARE HERE FOR YOU.

Spas by the Bay has been here for many years, and our owner, Bill Sullivan, has been here in the hot tub business for over 40 years. We take care of you. We’re here when you have water care questions. We make things right for you. We are your pillar of support.

It’s up to you, but we just want to make sure you know what you’re getting into over there at the Fairgrounds. Please don’t get suckered into buying something that isn’t in your best interest.

The People Have Spoken:

Do some research. The company behind the Spa, Pool and BBQ Show is Master Spa. They routinely garner unhappy reviews on all the legitimate review sites where real people can post their honest opinions!

Please stop by our showroom this weekend! We are sweetening the deal by covering the Sales Tax on your purchase of a high quality Hot Spring spa.

We also have a great Hot Tub Buyer’s Checklist below that you can use to make good decisions, regardless of the spa you end up getting. We want you to be informed! Our sales team is no-pressure. They will educate you honestly about the differences in construction materials and features. Ask us anything. We’re here to serve you.

Hot Tub Buyer’s Checklist


Please don’t get taken for a ride by a Master Manipulator! Master Spas is the company behind the Spa, Pool and BBQ home show. They like to portray the event as a multi-brand offering, or even go so far as to say that “all the major brands” are present. But you will not find the quality brands there, such as Hot Spring, Endless Pools, Caldera, or even Marquis or CalSpa.

The Best Price is NOT the whole cost of a spa…

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