This is our favorite subject! We only sell Hot Spring brand spas because, after decades in the hot tub business, we know from experience that Hot Spring Spas are, hands down, the very best. They’re the most well-built, well-insulated for efficiency, well-designed, highest quality, lowest maintenance spas available on the market.


Hot Spring includes just the right amount of jets for the spa. Not too many, which can diminish power, but enough to bring power where you want it. Also, Hot Spring features the patented moto-massage jet, which comes many of its models. These jets will give you a massage while you soak!

Silent Operation and CLEAN Water:

Only Highlife Collection hot tubs offer 100% No Bypass Filtration—and that means SILENT OPERATION!—and up to 325 square feet of effective filtration area with exclusive, dishwasher-safe Tri-X® filters. The number of filters is matched to the power of the jet pumps to provide balanced filtration, allowing 100% of your spa water to pass through the filters 100% of the time – even when the jets are on, which is when other spas bypass the filters.


These spas rarely have problems, which we all love, right? But if you do have issues, we are here to help. All spas in the Hot Spring line come with a 5 year equipment warranty! We could go on and on, but this will give you and idea what you can expect from Hot Spring as a manufacturer and Spas by the Bay as your local dealer

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