Salt Water Hot Tubs

The ACE Salt Water System

Available only with Hot Spring Spas!

Salt Water Hot Tub Benefits:

  • Doesn’t dry out your skin the way traditional water care systems can
  • Never experience horrible chemical smells
  • Go directly from your spa to your pillow for a good-smelling, good night’s sleep
  • Enjoy spa water that’s silky smooth
  • A more natural water care system for your family
  • Hot Tub cleans itself—use less water care product
  • Save water—change the water less often

How does it work?

  • The system uses a small amount of salt plus some really smart technology to automatically clean your hot tub’s water
  • The patented ACE system uses a diamond electrode to automatically generate chlorine sanitizer and other powerful cleaners from salt and water. It’s a lot less chlorine than traditional water care chemicals.
  • You’ll spend less time maintaining your spa water, and use fewer bottled products. ACE also helps your spa water last longer between changes.
  • The salinity (salt) is very low—much lower than a salt water pool and natural sea water. Low salt content means the water feels soft and comfortable, and it won’t corrode the equipment “under the hood” of your hot tub



Which Hot Tubs have Salt Water?

Most Hot Spring hot tub models are available with the ACE Salt Water System as a water care option, including the following spa collections:


Looking for the perfect Salt Water Hot Tub?


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